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Battlefield 3 Server Rules

These are the rules that have been set in place for our Battlefield 3 Servers.

1. No base raping - If you have all the points, defend them. While I agree the enemy should work together and try to take over, there is no sense in spawn killing and not giving them a chance.

2. Respect HvK members, especially Admins - If you come into our server and are rude or disruptive towards our members, it could result in a kick. The same goes for HvK members, if you see someone being rude for no reason, please let the admins know and we will handle it.

3. Under NO circumstances should you teamkill for a vehicle. If you are caught killing teammates just so you can get a vehicle, it may result in a BAN.

4. Be courteous to teammates. If you accidentally TK someone, apologize for it. If you're an assault, please revive them as it will save them from having to run back to where they were. If you do not apologize for a TK, we have no way of knowing if it was an accident or not, and it may result in you getting kicked before your limit is up.

5. Do not leave your teammates behind! If your vehicle is not full, try to pick up teammates around you. There are not many vehicles in the game and sometimes you will find yourself running across large parts of the map, honoring this rule may win you the match. If you are caught taking a vehicle with more than 1 seat in it at the start of round and not waiting for a teammate, you will be kicked.

6. NO LOITERING! Please do not stand around for vehicles, this is not a major rule but it will result in a kick if you're not doing your part to help out the team.

7. NO SUICIDE MISSIONS! Strapping C4 to your MAV and blowing it up in a crowd of people is cheap, but A-OK with us. Taking a chopper or vehicle that could provide your team needed support and crashing it into a building or group of people? Well that's just asking to get kicked.

8. VEHICLE LIMIT! For the sake of keeping people in the server and to keep things more balanced, do not use vehicles until there are at least 10 players in the game. Any number before that you will be warned, if you continue to use a vehicle you WILL be kicked.

More rules will be added as they are needed, currently these seem to be the major issue with the server. You will be warned on all accounts before being kicked or banned. We have a zero tolerance on killing teammates just for your own pleasure of obtaining a vehicle, it is childish and considering extremely rude and that is why it will be an instant ban after your first warning.

As long as you follow these simple rules, everything will be fine. Now go kick some ass!